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Titles for Learning Seed

Amazing Grains DVD $99.00
American House, The: A Guide To Architectural Styles DVD $99.00
Art Of Listening DVD $99.00
Attachment Relationships: Nurturing Healthy Bonds DVD $99.00
Banks: a User's Guide DVD $99.00
Beauty And The Feast: Eating With Your Eyes DVD $99.00
Beginnings of Life Set DVD $695.00
Behind the Color Wheel: Using Color in Art and Design DVD $109.00
Beyond Nutrition: Eating For Health DVD $99.00
Blind Spots and Biases Hidden Forces That Shape Your Decisions DVD $99.00
Body Language I and II Set DVD $198.00
Body Language I: Beyond Words DVD $99.00
Body Language II: Reading People DVD $99.00
Body Language II: Reading People DVD $99.00
Body Language Set DVD $198.00
Brain Traps: Problem Solving Skills DVD $99.00
Brand Marketing: Why We Eat, Drink, And Wear Brand Names DVD $99.00
Brave New Foods: The Biotech Revolution DVD $99.00
Breakfast Eggstravaganza! DVD $99.00
Budgeting Basics DVD $99.00
Bugs For Breakfast: Food And Culture DVD $99.00
Buying Into Brand Marketing: Shaping Your Perceptions DVD $109.00
Carbs DVD $99.00
Career Compass Exploring Occupations Set DVD $396.00
Career Compass The Successful Job Search Set DVD $436.00
Career Self- Assessment: Where Do You Fit?    -   Discontinued DVD
Charge It: Credit Card Secrets    -   Discontinued DVD
Child Abuse Series: When Boundaries are Crossed DVD $279.00
Child Grows, A: The First Year DVD $99.00
Child's Mind, A: How Kids Learn Right and Wrong DVD $109.00
Child's Play: How Having Fun Turns Kids Into Adults DVD $99.00
Childcare Poster Set Poster $22.00
Children Learning Language: How Adults Can Help DVD $99.00
Clothing Care DVD $99.00
Clothing Fibers DVD $99.00
Color For Interior Design CD-ROM $49.00
Color In Everyday Life DVD $99.00
Communicating Between Cultures DVD $99.00
Communicating With Customers DVD $99.00
Communicating With Tact, Candor and Credibility DVD $99.00
Communication in a Wired World: Be Smart, Be Safe DVD $99.00
Consumer and the Planet, The DVD $99.00
Consumer Marketing Set DVD $317.00
Coping with Grief Set DVD $267.00
Courtesy and Respect: Give and Take DVD $109.00
Design PowerCourse Set CD-ROM $147.00
Diet And Weight Control: Clearing The Confusion DVD $99.00
Disability Awareness DVD $99.00
Disciplining Kids: Without Screaming and Scolding DVD $99.00
Early Childhood Milestone Poster Set Poster $57.00
Eat Less: The Upside of Downsizing Portions DVD $109.00
Eat Smart (Five-User) CD-ROM $199.00
Eat Smart (Single-User) CD-ROM $99.00
Eat Smart Video and Software Set DVD $208.00
Eat Smart: MyPlate and 2010 Dietary Guidelines DVD $109.00
Eater Beware! From Chemical Stews To Organic Gardens DVD $99.00
Eating For Your Health Set DVD $327.00
Effective Resumes and Job Applications    -   Discontinued DVD
Elements of Human Nutrition Set DVD $594.00
Engaging Resumes and Cover Letters: How to Hook the Job You Want DVD $109.00
Etiquette Hotline: Table Manners DVD $99.00
Everybody's Ethnic: Your Invisible Culture DVD $99.00
Eye For Design DVD $99.00
Fabric Lab Kit $29.00
Fashion, Fads And Freedom DVD $99.00
Fats: Elements of Human Nutrition DVD $99.00
Feed Me! Kids And Nutrition DVD $99.00
Five And Six-Year-Olds DVD $99.00
Flattering Fashions DVD $99.00
Food Additives DVD $99.00
Food And Fire: The Science (And Magic) Of Cooking DVD $99.00
Food Labels CD-ROM $49.00
Food Processing: A Video Field Trip DVD $99.00
Food Safety DVD $99.00
Food Science: Kitchen Mysteries Revealed DVD $99.00
Food: A Multi-Cultural Feast DVD $99.00
From Conception to Baby: Beginnings of Life DVD $139.00
From Farm To Table DVD $99.00
Gender and Communication: Styles and Stereotypes DVD $99.00
Generation Cyberbully: Bullying Without Borders DVD $149.00
Germs and Viruses: A Self-Defense Guide DVD $99.00
Get off the SoFAS! Avoiding Solid Fats and Added Sugars DVD $139.00
Global Eating: Learning From Other Cultures DVD $99.00
Go To Bed! DVD $99.00
Growing Up In Video World: Media And The Developing Child DVD $99.00
Guiding Behavior in Early Childhood: A Positive Plan for Discipline and Caregiving DVD $109.00
Help! They Stole My Name! DVD $99.00
Heredity and Environment: Beginnings of Life DVD $139.00
How Boys And Girls Differ: The First Six Years DVD $99.00
How Clothing Is Made DVD $99.00
How Clothing Is Sold: Fashion Merchandising DVD $99.00
How Consumers Decide DVD $99.00
How Much Should I Eat? DVD $99.00
How People Are Paid: From Work to Wages DVD $99.00
How The World Dresses DVD $99.00
How To Read and Use Food Labels DVD $99.00
I'm Normal You're Weird: Understanding Other Cultures DVD $99.00
In the Kitchen Set DVD $594.00
In Your Face: Why Courtesy And Respect? DVD $99.00
Infants: Cognitive Development DVD $99.00
Infants: Physical Development DVD $99.00
Infants: Social and Emotional Development DVD $99.00
Interior Lighting DVD $99.00
Inventing The Home: 150 Years Of Household Change DVD $99.00
Invisible Hand, The: Economics In Daily Life DVD $99.00
Invisible Persuaders DVD $99.00
Is Baby Ok? Assessing Development DVD $99.00
Job Search Strategies    -   Discontinued DVD
Jobs in Child Development: Career Compass DVD $99.00
Jobs in Clothing, Textiles and Fashion: Career Compass DVD $99.00
Jobs in Food and Nutrition: Career Compass DVD $99.00
Jobs in Housing and Interior Design: Career Compass DVD $99.00
Kids And Sports DVD $99.00
Kitchen Safety DVD $99.00
Kitchen Tools and Utensils: Everything but the Kitchen Sink DVD $99.00
Know Your Consumer Rights (and Responsibilities) DVD $99.00
Learning Before School: How Parents Can Help DVD $99.00
Looking Great At Work DVD $99.00
Make MyPlate Be Your Plate Poster $19.00
Make Up Your Mind DVD $99.00
Manners At Work DVD $99.00
Mapping a Career Path: Your Aptitude, Interests, Values and Personality DVD $109.00
Marketing's 4 Ps: The Consumer Angle DVD $99.00
Merchandising: The Store As Persuasion DVD $99.00
Minerals: Elements of Human Nutrition DVD $99.00
Money And Values: What Is Wealth? DVD $99.00
Moral Development in Children: Theories, Stages, Impact DVD $109.00
My Brother Bit Me! Parenting Siblings DVD $99.00
MyPlate Poster and Tablet Set Poster $28.99
Newborn Development: Beginnings of Life DVD $139.00
Not-So-Terrible Twos, The DVD $99.00
Not-So-Terrible-Twos, The DVD $99.00
Nourishing Healthy Preschoolers: A Guide to MyPlate Nutrition DVD $109.00
Nutrition Labels Set DVD $188.00
Nutrition Labels: Reading Between the Lines CD-ROM $99.00
Nutrition Labels: Reading Between the Lines DVD $99.00
Packaging: The Science Of Temptation DVD $99.00
Pass (on) the Salt: Shaking the Habit DVD $99.00
Penny Saved, A: How To Grow Money DVD $99.00
Perception: The Art Of Seeing DVD $99.00
Personalizing MyPlate: Easy Changes for Eating Habits DVD $109.00
Persuasion In Everyday Life DVD $99.00
Positioning: How Advertisers Shape Perceptions DVD $99.00
Practical Parenting Set DVD $594.00
Pregnancy in Progress: Beginnings of Life DVD $139.00
Preschooler Observation PLUS! Cognitive Development DVD $129.00
Preschooler Observation PLUS! Language and Literacy Development DVD $129.00
Preschooler Observation PLUS! Physical and Motor Development DVD $129.00
Preschooler Observation PLUS! Set DVD $516.00
Preschooler Observation PLUS! Social and Emotional Development DVD $129.00
Preschoolers (Overview) DVD $129.00
Preschoolers: Cognitive Development DVD $99.00
Preschoolers: Physical Development DVD $99.00
Preschoolers: Social And Emotional Development DVD $99.00
Problem Solving Process, The: Taming the Tiger DVD $109.00
Protein: Elements of Human Nutrition DVD $99.00
Protein: How Cows And Carrots Become People    -   Discontinued DVD
Reading Blue Jeans: Clothing and Culture DVD $99.00
Reading People: The Unwritten Language Of The Body    -   Discontinued DVD
Realities of Sexting, The: You Can't Unsend! DVD $149.00
Refusal Skills: Yes, You Can Say No DVD $99.00
Resolving Conflicts: Let's Work It Out DVD $99.00
Responding to Diversity (and Respecting Differences) DVD $109.00
Rules, Rituals, Routines DVD $99.00
Safety First Babysitting DVD $99.00
Salt and SoFAS Set DVD $188.00
Savvy Consumer DVD $297.00
Secret Life Of Rooms, The: Interior Design Basics DVD $99.00
Sell Yourself: Successful Job Interviewing    -   Discontinued DVD
Sensible Steps to a Stylish Wardrobe DVD $99.00
Sexual Harassment at School: Hostile Environments DVD $149.00
Shaking, Hitting, Spanking: What To Do Instead DVD $99.00
Shaking, Hitting, Spanking: What To Do Instead (Spanish) DVD $99.00
Shaping Youngest Minds DVD $99.00
Shopping Behind the Seams: Judging Quality in Clothes DVD $99.00
Skinny on Solid Fats, The DVD $79.00
Social Sensibilities At School Set DVD $447.00
Social Sensibilities Set DVD $469.00
Solid Interview Skills: Your Journey to a Job Offer DVD $109.00
Space Within, The: People, Design and The Room DVD $109.00
Spanking Controversy, The DVD $99.00
Spanking Debate, The: Hands-On or Hands Off? DVD $99.00
Stock Market Basics: Learning Without Losing DVD $99.00
Styles Of American Furniture CD-ROM $49.00
Succeeding Without College: Skilled Technical Careers DVD $99.00
Supermarket Persuasion: What Marketers Know    -   Discontinued DVD
Supermarkets: Aisles of Persuasion DVD $109.00
Them And Us DVD $99.00
Toddlers (Overview) DVD $129.00
Toddlers: Cognitive Development DVD $99.00
Toddlers: Physical Development DVD $99.00
Toddlers: Social and Emotional Development DVD $99.00
Truth About Sugar, The DVD $99.00
Understanding Childbirth: Beginnings of Life DVD $139.00
Understanding Credit Basics: Know the Score! DVD $99.00
Understanding Fabrics DVD $99.00
Understanding Infants DVD $297.00
Understanding Infants Software Set CD-ROM $297.00
Understanding Infants Video and Software Set DVD $594.00
Understanding Middle Childhood Set DVD $297.00
Understanding MORE About Fabrics CD-ROM $99.00
Understanding Our Differences: Mexicans And Americans DVD $99.00
Understanding Preschoolers Set DVD $297.00
Understanding Toddlers Series DVD $297.00
Using Credit Cards Wisely: Take Charge! DVD $99.00
Valuing Diversity: Multi-Cultural Communication DVD $99.00
Visual Design Basics CD-ROM $49.00
Vitamins: Elements of Human Nutrition DVD $99.00
Water: Elements of Human Nutrition DVD $99.00
Way We Dress, The DVD $99.00
Way We Eat, The: What Food Means DVD $99.00
What Is A Calorie? DVD $99.00
What Is A House? DVD $99.00
What Is a Price? DVD $99.00
What Is Sexual Harassment?    -   Discontinued DVD
What Should We Eat: The Vegetarian Debate DVD $99.00
Why Ads Work: The Power Of Self-Deception DVD $99.00
Why Can't Michael Pay Attention? DVD $99.00
Why Shirts Have Buttons: The Origins Of Clothing DVD $99.00
Why We Wear Clothes: The Functions of Fashion DVD $109.00
Why You Buy: 21st Century Advertising DVD $99.00
World Religions: A Common Journey DVD $99.00
Yelling Threatening And Putting Down: What To Do Instead DVD $99.00
Your Job Search: Navigating the Roads to Employment DVD $109.00
Your Nutrition Style: Personalizing the Pyramid DVD $99.00
Your Toddler: A Parent's Guide DVD $99.00
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